Welcome to the RR docs!ΒΆ

In Robot Rumble, you develop robots that fight in one-vs-one arena battles. We currently support Python and Javascript, but more languages are planned. A very basic robot program looks like this:


def robot(state, unit):
    if state.turn % 2 == 0:
        return Action.move(Direction.East)
        return Action.attack(Direction.South)


function robot(state, unit) {
  if (state.turn % 2 === 0) {
    return Action.move(Direction.East)
  } else {
    return Action.attack(Direction.South)

You write a program for an individual robot, and then, every turn, that program is run for every robot on your team. Global state is allowed, so how you make your robots work together is entirely up to you.

Robots fight in a 19x19 circular arena. In the picture below, dark squares are the wall, and green squares are spawn points. Every 10 turns, a batch of up to 5 robots randomly spawns for each team.


Every turn, a robot can either move or attack in one of four directions.


Every robot starts out with 5 HP, and attacks do 1 damage. There is no collateral damage, but there is friendly fire. If more than one robot moves into the same location, priority is given in a clockwise order starting from the North.

If you have more robots in the arena after 100 turns, you win!