Publishing your robot

When you create a robot under your profile, it will initially be saved as a draft. In order for others to see your robot, and for the matchmaker to queue your robot for ranked battles, you need to publish it to a specific robot board by clicking the appropriate link on the page of the board. A board is a collection of robots and all of the battles that have occured between them. Boards can also optionally belong to a season, which is a period of fighting that lasts a specific amount of time.

The matchmaker queues battles for your robot both when it is published, and every X hours after that. The specific number of battles and hours depends on the board you are publishing to.


Sometimes, your robot may be deactivated, which means that matchmaking is paused until you publish a new version of your robot. These conditions are:

  1. Erroring: if your robot errors encounters an error that prevents any future execution, like a compile-time error, the match will terminate. If this happens 2 times in a row, your robot will be deactivated. The same rules applies to timing out: if your robot takes more than 3 minutes to execute 2 times in a row, it will be deactivated.

  2. Inactivity: if a new version of your robot isn’t published for 14 days, it will be deactivated.