Develop robots locally with rumblebot

Are you in love with your 10GB IDE? Are you a vimaholic that is annoyed by the millisecond delay caused by entering code in your browser? Rumblebot is here for you. Download it on Github.


  1. Easily run robot programs stored on your filesystem, which makes it possible to use a custom IDE.

  2. View battle results in both a web GUI (like on the site), or directly in your terminal.

  3. Easily create and update robots from the command line.


  1. Download the appropriate release from the Github releases page.

  2. Unzip the folder somewhere in your filesystem.

  3. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder. If you’ve never used a terminal before, you can read a quick primer here (it’s way easier than it seems!) In this case, you will want to run cd [FOLDER_PATH].

  4. On windows, you can go ahead and run the program with ./rumblebot.exe. On Macos/Linux, you first need to make the rumblebot file runnable by executing:

    chmod +x ./rumblebot

    Then you can run it with ./rumblebot.

Please note: Just because your robots live in the filesystem does not mean that you can import external dependencies. Support for third-party packages is on the roadmap, but implementing it is a very nuanced challenge. If you really, really need a library, your best bet is to minify it and just include it at the top of your program.

Security: Every robot in a Robot Rumble battle is run within a fully sandboxed Webassembly runtime. In the browser, we use the V8 engine, and on the desktop/server, we use Wasmer. This means that it is impossible for a robot’s code to access any part of your system, aside from a couple modules necessary for reading time and generating entropy.